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Who and what is EP Software?

EP-Software develops free software that is freely accessible to everyone and provided without hidden costs. We have set ourselves the goal of making our software user-friendly and application-oriented, and also free of advertising. We have been following these principles since 2014 and offer you some great software solutions with our current product portfolio.

Since 2023, we have focused on software in the field of microcontroller control and data processing. First of all, SerialLogger is a simple tool for serial communication and sensor data display and a must for every microcontroller hobbyist. In the future, more programmes in the area of data processing will follow.

Furthermore, we are committed to the free education in the field of IT. Therefore, we are constantly expanding our tutorial database, so that our generated knowledge does not remain unused. We also put an focus on microcontrollers and their usage.

We are pleased that you visit our site!

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