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0 definitions

EP Software (hereinafter referred to as "EP" or "EP Software") provides software and web services (hereinafter referred to as "software") on its Internet platform ep-software.de.  Any person using the software provided by EP Software (hereinafter referred to as the "User"), in any way, declares its agreement with these Terms and Conditions (TAC) in the valid version at the time of the download by using the Website or the Software.  When updating the software, the current terms and conditions apply at the time of the update. These can be found on the EP Software website at ep-software.de/agb and are displayed again in the installer when performing the update.


1 general

The validity of the remaining TAC remains unaffected in cases of expiration of a part of these general terms and conditions due to new legal bases or similar other circumstances.  If a part of the Terms and Conditions becomes ineffective, EP Software is free to revise the invalid part and thus to replace it.  The user gets informed in these cases on the website ep-software.de. As already mentioned, this bekomes valid at the latest after an update of the applications or the download of new applications.  When updating an application, the new terms and conditions also apply to existing installations.


2 services

EP Software offers software for download on the website ep-software.de.  The user can install these on one or more of his personal computer systems. The provision is made by the download of thementioned page by the user.  EP gives no guarantee for the function of the download and the downloaded software.  Outside of any help texts or frequently asked questions, there is no engagement to give support for the products of EP Software.  The software is provided "as is". For further problems, EP Software can be contacted directly by mail. However, there is no claim to assistance.


3 obligations

The user garantees to install or use the software only on their own personal computer systems. This applies in particular to the software ScreenSpy. The exceptions are business systems.  In this case, the instruction or approval by the employer is required.  Furthermore, the user undertakes not to offer the software for download on its own servers.  A link to our servers is permitted and desired.  The distribution of the software for money or for other services is not permitted.  The user undertakes to comply with these terms and conditions.


4 copyright

We reserve all copyright to the software provided by us. The logos of our software were mostly developed by us.  The logos developed by us are subject to the same copyright as our software.  The logos may be displayed on external websites, a source must be specified and be traceable on a clear path. The sources of logos provided by third parties, can be read in the imprint of the website ep-software.de.  If these are included, the originator of the author named in the imprint must be specified.

Supplementary files to the programs, such as help files and integrated images, are also considered as part of the software and are subject to the same copyright.


5 disclaimer

EP Software assumes no guarantee for the correct functioning of the software.  And, moreover, is not liable for any financial or moral damage caused by the software.  If the products or the PC system crash, it can not be guaranteed that the documents created and not stored in our programs can be restored.  This also applies to data in programs of other manufacturers while using our products.  We recommend regular saving of the created documents and regular updating of our products.

Claims for damages of any kind do not exist!


6 privacy

Our privacy policy is also part of this TAC. You can have a look at them on https://ep-software.de/en/privacy-policy or contact us at contact@ep-software.de.


7 online services by EP Software

EP Software offers a large online network including the website of EP Software, SIGHT online and the EP Software valuation center. These offers also collect user data.  These data are treated according to point 6 Privacy. If separate rules of conduct are established for individual online offers, these are marked accordingly on the corresponding website and must be accepted before using these services.  These regulations supplement the present TAC.

The User Contract is based on the German original version.
This translation is not part of the contract.


Download the TAC as a pdf-file here