About us

Who is behind EP-Software?

My name is Robert. I'm studying mechanical engineering in my master's degree and besides my studies I'm busy designing my own PCBs and programming software and microcontrollers.
Since 2014, I have been running this website to make my software and knowledge available to the world for free. I do not take any money from advertising or other sources of income. I prefer to be "paid" by your feedback and the use of the software. I am always open to suggestions and look forward to a lively exchange!
I have had a passion for programming since I was 14 years old and have been able to learn a few programming languages over the years. I mainly program in C (microcontrollers) and Pascal (desktop applications). When an app is needed, I use Java and Android Studio. In the Google Play Store you can also find a relic from the old days in the profile of EP-Software. If you visited the website of EP-Software in the past, you might have seen some of my projects, which were not always bug-free or useful for the majority. But these projects have brought me a lot of knowledge, which I now use in new projects.
Since 2023, I have been concentrating on one topic: microcontrollers and related desktop applications. One goal is to build my own measuring system that processes sensor data, e.g. from acceleration sensors, and makes the measured data evaluable with the corresponding evaluation software.

I am looking forward to the future and thank you for your interest in EP-Software and its products.