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Arduino Tutorial Author (free of charge) We are looking for Arduino Tutorial Authors (free of charge)! We would like to expand our tutorial area and are looking for further growth for our team!
Your task is to write tutorials in English. You follow our Cooperate Design, but you are completely free
as you write the tutorial, after discussing the topic with us. From basic beginners to advanced tutorials, you can write anything. The important thing is that you can manage to express difficult facts in to words and thus make it understandable to everyone. It is important that you write fluently in English, as we argue internationally.

  • Enjoy programming and writing
  • Basic knowledge of C (Arduino language)
  • Good knowledge of spoken and written English
  • Teamwork
  • Good handling of MS Office programs

In summary: You should be able to master a computer and of course be able to program the Arduino!

You enjoy programming and writing in your free time, then you're just the right one! Be part of EP Software and help us tutoring others who want to learn how to program! Please write us a short E-Mail, in which you tell us something about you and also your current knowledge in the Arduino programming. Feel free to introduce a few projects of yours. We look forward to receiving your application and hopefully welcoming you as a team member!